Eoin Ryan the creator of 360° Employee Wellness

Wellness coach

Endurance athlete



Experience and awards

Eoin Ryan is a personal trainer and an award winning life coach. In 2018 he was accredited a business All Star for his sports event business helping people achieve fitness goals.

Eoin has a background in endurance sports. He completed the Marathon des Sables (the world’s toughest race), Ironman and more marathons than he can remember.

Eoin is the author of 2 books and a journal and speaks regularly on the topics of Wellness.

360° Employee Wellness is the cumulation of years of experience helping people to achieve their goals.

The story behind the app

The 360° Journal app began as a paper journal. Over the years of seeing amazing results, it has evolved into the 7 dimensions of Wellbeing and Wellness.

When Covid 19 came along Eoin Ryan (Wellness Coach) used the time available during the restrictions to create the 360° Journal app.

The app opens up access to a wider audience and it also fits in your pocket! With the help of technology and delegating 1 min per day, Your Daily Wellness Minute + it will help you to reduce Stress and boost your Energy.

Might even help you to run faster…

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