The 360° Journal app

– Reducing Stress. Boosting Energy
– Your Daily Wellness Minute +
– Life changing results
– Also available for individuals

The 360° Journal App records

Our versatile app records your 360° Employee Wellness experience.
Each participant receives daily and weekly scores relating to their Energy and wellness.

Have you A Daily Wellness Minute + to record your Energy, wellness and much more?

The 360° Journal App includes

Our app includes many useful and life changing resources.

Everything is linked to help you reduce stress and boost energy.

Let’s go on an amazing journey of discovery and change.

Video Testimonials

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Wellness starts with awareness.
Before you begin you need to know where you are right now by filling in a start of programme tracker. This becomes the base of your Wellness journey. Future rewards are also benchmarked against these scores.
Take Action
Your Daily Wellness Minute +
Have you got a minute per day to fill in your Daily Journal?
Of course you have. It takes a minimum of one minute to fill in all the required questions. However to learn more about how you life your life we suggest you take action and journal more.
Take Action
Show Commitment
Commit to benefit the most
There is a stress management course and a Master Class Goal setting programme available for you. Also we have 6 x training Plans, recipes, a sleep plan and so much more. Plus we have a facebook group that you can join.
Show Commitment
Transformation Completed
66 days to change a habit
The good news is that one cycle of the 360° Journal lasts for 84 days (12 weeks). This gives you extra time to transform into a New more energetic and healthier you. Then in the next cycle you can take it to a new level.
Transformation Completed

Individual user

Where can I get it?

The 360° Journal app is available for individual
use. However you cannot purchase it from the
App stores.

Individual customers can purchase the app
for 1 x 12 week cycle or for 4 x 12 week cycle
(one year).

Individuals get everything the app
records and includes except, of course,
the Group programme tracker…

Fun Challenges

Include a fun wellness challenge to really
supercharge your 360° Journal experience.
The tools in the Master Class Goal Setting
programme will help you pick your goal.
Then the 6 x training plans will help you
reach that goal. Something for everyone!
So let’s do this…. And help raise some
funds for charity.

If you can’t go to the race. Let the race come to you.

– Set yourself a goal at the end of your 12 week cycle. Individuals or groups.

– Follow one of our 6 training plans walking or running.

– We have a variety of runs with latest audio technology to direct you around a course.

– We can create a bespoke virtual course for your group in any location.

Our races. Including 5km, 10km, Half marathons

– Set yourself a goal at the end of your 12 week cycle.

– Don’t let you efforts go unnoticed. Raise funds for a worthy cause too.

– Become intrinsically and extrinsically motivated.

– We have teamed up with idonate to streamline this for you

Raise some funds for a worthwhile cause

– Nothing beats being there. Competing on the course against other people.

– Follow one of our 6 training plans walking or running.

– A selection of our own races or we can recommend a race.

– Group rates available for our races

A group challenge to increase movement

– We track steps on the 360° Journal app. And track the average number of Group steps.

– Set a weekly target for all your employees engaging in steps. How far can ye go?

– We can help you set this up in a fun and competitive way.

– Reward employees for the extra efforts.

Plus more fun ideas

– We are not short on ideas but we are also open to suggestions.

– As you know the app records quite a lot of information in a Daily Wellness Minute +

– Maybe you’d like some 360° Journal merchandise for your team. Water bottles etc.

– Contact us and we will be happy to look at other possibilities

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