7 Dimensions of 360 Employee Wellness

Imagine how good life would be if you had all seven working for you….

But you don’t need to do all seven at once.

Some dimensions can even help you get started with others…. They are interconnected.

Self-development and wellness are a daily ritual. Follow the 7 dimensions.

It takes time. It requires patience. It asks you to step outside your comfort zone. It is challenging —  but the rewards for reducing stress and boosting energy are life changing.

However, the biggest challenge when it comes to self-development is figuring out a process to follow. Well… we’ve done that bit for you with the 7 dimensions.

Every person wants to reduce or lose some the stress in their lives. How about instead we focus on a gain… Let’s focus on boosting/ gaining energy. That makes the stress more manageable!

In no particular order

1. Good Stress.

Some stress in our lives is good for us. Helps us to be on time, submit before a deadline, come prepared etc. It gives us an edge. If you have too much stress in your life – then this asset becomes lost.

2. Exercise

Did you know that exercise gives you energy? That is of course if you are also focusing on sleep and nutrition. Yes – a tipping point comes when someday what used to be your exercise, is now your warm-up.

3. Nutrition

From now on think of food as fuel. Will this speed me up or slow me down? Healthy food is implied.

Are you constantly dehydrated? Most people are….

4. Sleep

Sleeping is healing. We (should) spend on average 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Are you getting quality sleep?

If you have been a ‘poor sleeper’ for ages do you think that is unfixable? Good news – it isn’t!

5. Values

Do you know what your values are? Most don’t. They can change btw depending on what phase in life you are in…. So it is useful to know what they are NOW rather than 10 years ago. We evolve

6. Goals

When you know your values you can check if they are congruent with your goals. Imagine seeking goals that are not aligned with your values. You will probably fail and waste time, money and energy.

7. Gratitude

What are you grateful for today? Anything…… even the clean air to breath. It isn’t all about the big stuff.

An attitude of gratitude lightens your step when the challenges come calling. And they do come along…

360 employee wellness is based around these 7 dimensions. As mentioned an improvement in one, often leads to an improvement in others. That’s a great return on your time, energy and money!

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