Where can i get an accountability buddy?

It might be easier to find Big Foot than an honest, consistent and reliable accountability buddy….

Maybe that isn’t what you wanted to hear but it will save you time and energy looking for one. You could of course hire a life coach (that fella Eoin Ryan is pretty darn good….) but you’ll have to pay him! And let’s be honest – not everyone can afford a coach. 

Knowing all that Eoin created the 360 Journal app.

Within the app is a daily journal that gives you an insight into how you live your life. 

If your goal is to boost your energy the sum of all the small actions add up. Most of which can be automatically populated onto the app for you. Take for example the Check in Alerts: Hydration / Movement breaks / Daily Steps. And if you hit your targets every day – you will get an acknowledgement. 

Then of course you can go deeper into how / why your energy might be low by monitoring the 3 key pillars for energy: Exercise / Sleep / Nutrition. Plus, you can journal as much or as little as you like about each. Imagine if you could improve in just one of these dimensions…

By how much would that that improve your life?

Well… the 360 Journal app can tell you with your data. But you will feel and see the changes both on the inside and out. All it takes is a minimum of one minute per day to input the data….

How about we take this to a group level…….

When you join a 360 employee wellness programme you will also be able to see the group scores (plus how your scores rate verses your peers). All anonymous of course.

When you beat your weekly scores – you will get a reward. When they group beat their weekly scores – the group gets a reward. Maybe the company can incentivise the reward….

There is so much we can do with your new accountabilty buddy.

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